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* ESOL - Entry 3 (A)

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DI3033AESOL - Entry 322/09/202026/01/20216:30 PM9:00 PMGEARIESAvailable for enrolments
Can I get a reduction?

If you are studying on a part-time course and you receive one of the following benefits, or you depend financially on someone who does, you are entitled to have your tuition fees waived:

  • We need to check what course you are enrolling on and what your age and income status is first.
  • You may be entitled to a free or reduced cost place if you are working but on a low wage – as set out in the GLA or ESFA funding rules or are in receipt of:
  • Job Seekers Allowance (JSA)
  • Employment Support Allowance (ESA)
  • Universal Credit
  • Working Tax Credit with income of less than £18,000 per year
  • Income support
  • Housing Benefit
  • Pension Guarantee Credit
  • Carers Allowance
  • Council Tax ReductionFor qualification based courses, the course will be free if you are working and earn less than £20962.00 annual gross salary inside Greater London Authority (GLA) or £16009.50 (outside GLA)

You will, however, have to pay any awarding body/assessment fees (unless you are on a first full level 2 course). * If you are in receipt of Working Tax Credit and you wish to claim concessionary rates please contact Customer Services who will be pleased to advise you on your entitlement. In addition, if you receive other allowances you may also be eligible to enrol at concessionary rates. If you are entitled to a fee concession you will be asked to provide proof of your entitlement.

It is essential that you inform us if your entitlement changes at any time during your course.

More information about this Course

COVID-19 In order to ensure the safety of staff and learners the way we can provide courses in the Autumn Term has changed. See details below. There may be further changes if Government and Public Health advice changes.

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In order to ensure the safety of staff and learners, the way we can provide courses in the Autumn Term has changed. See details below. There may be further changes if Government and Public Health advice changes

How will the course benefit me
This 15-week ESOL course is for people who do not have English as their first language and have already achieved all ESOL qualifications in speaking and listening, reading and writing at Entry 2. You will continue to improve your language skills and your confidence to use English in life and at work. Please note this course may be delivered online initially and sessions may be recorded. To access it, please see IT requirements below.

Entry Requirements
• You will need access to the internet and a suitable device to access online learning, preferably a laptop. • You will need to attend a short induction session on using online learning and Google for Education Suite. • To have passed all the Entry 2 ESOL qualifications. • To have been assessed and demonstrated that you have the potential to pass any assessments and exams at this level. • Be able to attend on time and stay for the whole of each session. • Agree to attend the whole 15-week course; have 90% attendance and spend a minimum of 3 hours a week on self-study outside the classroom. • If progressing from another course to have: - shown the necessary commitment to learning by achieving at least 80% attendance - passed any tests or assessments (if appropriate) - very good punctuality - regularly completed homework.

What will I learn
You will learn how to improve your speaking and listening, reading, writing and grammar skills needed for everyday life and employment at Entry 3 level. Your tutor will discuss and agree with you any individual topics you wish to cover. You will also improve your IT skills, including learning how to use Google Education Suite, send emails, use online meeting platforms and observe online meeting etiquette(how to switch your camera on and off, mute yourself, use the chat facility and interact online with your peers).

Course Delivery
You will need to attend an IT induction on using Google Education Suite at the Institute and have access to the internet and a suitable device, preferably a laptop to enable you to also access online learning confidently. At induction you will be issued with a Redbridge Institute Google account. In line with current restrictions, initially this course may be delivered online, using Google Education Suite. Learning online will include video conferencing with your tutor and your peers, taking part in group discussions, watching videos, using other online resources (e.g. Learn My Way) and the tutor may make recordings of some parts of the sessions. When restrictions are lifted you will be expected to take part in a variety of whole class, paired, group, individual activities and discussions. You will be asked to complete homework that will help you to work independently and develop your skills. You will be working from multi-media resources including books, handouts, presentations and real-life resources. You will also be able to use online resources and SMART technology (e.g. YouTube, Pinterest, ESOL Nexus, Google Education Suite and others). This course will continue to be offered using blended delivery. This will include some course time online and some in the classroom. Your tutor will advise you when you start the course and as the course progresses as government advice changes.

Learning Assessment
During the first 2 weeks your learning and level - as well as your attendance, punctuality and commitment to learning - will be assessed to make sure this is the right course for you. If your assessment shows that you are at a different level, then your tutor will recommend the most suitable course for you to transfer to. If your attendance and punctuality are not very good then you will not be able to continue on the course. During this course you will be assessed by your tutor to ensure you are progressing at the correct level. You may be able to progress onto the next 15-week course at the end of which you may be able to take an ESB ESOL Skills for Life Entry 3 qualification in Speaking and Listening if you are ready. During this course your tutor will assess your work and skills through regular homework, tests, tutorials and observation. You will have an individual learning plan (ILP) that you will maintain with personal targets that you will be working towards.

Extra Costs
To fully participate in this class online you will need: • A computer/laptop/tablet with a fully updated browser (preferably Google Chrome). Your device will also need a microphone, and preferably a camera • A reliable internet connection To take part in classroom based leaning you will need…… • A folder, A4 lined paper and a notebook. You may want to buy an English only dictionary and be asked to buy your own coursebook. Your tutor will talk to you about this when you start the course.

Progression Routes
At the end of the semester A course you may be able to progress to Semester B for the next 15 weeks if your assessment shows that you are progressing at the right level and your attendance, punctuality and homework are good. Your tutor will advise you on your next step.

Health & Safety
You will be issued with a photographic ID card and lanyard which must be worn at all times in our buildings. You will need your ID to get into the building. You will be expected to follow the social distancing arrangements in place for the safety of staff and learners (see our guide to social distancing for further information). You will be issued with a Redbridge Institute Google account which is to be used while you are on the course. You will also be expected to be familiar with staying safe while learning online. Under no circumstances should you use your personal email account to access our Google system. Depending on the course you are enrolled for you may need a private space while participating in the online part of the course. Your tutor will advise you. Standard teaching room low level risks.

Covid H&S
You will be expected to follow the social distancing arrangements in place for the safety of staff and learners.


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